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Welcome to a new feature in which we look at the opinions and statements of certain prominent people in the world and then reassess them in the light of the wisdom of the Seattle-based film-critic, author, and philosopher Vern.

I bend my knee unreservedly to Vern’s wisdom, wit, and insight, and while some of the opinions I take to task may be ones with which he personally agrees, I hope he will appreciate the respect with which I apply his dictums to new areas of our lives.

Anyway, let’s kick off with a prize piece of silliness from, wouldn’t you know it, the Daily Mail, as it reports the pronouncements of eminent historian/caustic posh bloke Dr David Starkey:

‘The likely scenario if we ever get rid of the House of Windsor is Tony and Cherie [Blair] as president and presidentess. At which point the most thorough-going republican becomes a diehard monarchy supporter.’

Instantly I was reminded of Vern’s meditative thoughts on a different topic entirely, but still applicable if you ask me:

‘You gotta come to a point where you actually think the thing through and realise it doesn’t make any god damn sense.’

┬áHere is Dr Starkey’s hypothesis, so far as I can work it out: if the British people opt to get rid of the Monarchy in favour of an elected head-of-state, they will instantly elect, to the most prominent, central position in our nation, someone vastly and monumentally unpopular. I’ve heard this trotted out as an anti-Republican argument for decades: currently the demon who’s a shoe-in as president is Mr Blair. In the past it was people like Richard Branson, Margaret Thatcher, Paul Daniels and Terry Christian (I may be imagining the last one).

Dr Starkey may be an expert on the monarchy but he doesn’t appear to have grasped quite how the concept of elections works. There’s normally more than one candidate and – I may be over-generalising wildly here – vastly and monumentally unpopular people tend not to come in first no matter which voting system is in use.

I should say I’m not a Republican myself, nor really an active Monarchist – I’m pro the existing system for the same reason I’m pro-democracy, it’s not a great system but it’s arguably better than any of the alternatives. In any case the chance to help the Daily Mail rethink its position and come a little closer to the path of sense was too good to pass up.

As ever – thanks, Vern!

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