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Well, the longest day of the year brings the best news imaginable for many friends of mine. Frequent visitors will have seen the large number of vintage movie reviews which have turned up here over the last four or five months, and attentive ones may even have read my thoughts on the travails of the h2g2 website where they originally appeared. Well, today it was announced that h2g2’s future is secure.

h2g2 is a site devoted to two things: encouraging great writing (of every kind), and building a sense of community between all the various readers and contributors who visit it. h2g2 probably kept me sane for a long while in the early 2000s, and got me started writing film reviews on a regular basis. As a result I saw many good films I probably would otherwise have missed (saw a lot of duds too, but never mind), engaged in a lot of rewarding discussions, and made some friends along the way. I only really think of myself as an associate member of the community these days, partly because nearly everything I contribute there turns up here first, but the news of its continued survival is still extremely welcome.

So what’s to happen to the site? Well, the BBC (who have, to be fair to them, done a good job of curating it in difficult circumstances) are passing it over to a consortium made up of Robbie Stamp, one of the co-founders of the original site with Douglas Adams, a group composed of key community members themselves, and a company specialising in this kind of website called Noesis.

Quite what the future holds at this point is obviously a little unclear, but I get a strong sense that the new maintainers of the site have as great an understanding of h2g2’s past, present, and future as anyone could hope for. Life without h2g2 would go on, but it would be a little colder and more boring, and I’m delighted that my days will continue to be warm and interesting for a while yet.

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